The French Bulldog happens to be a breed of domestic dog, bred to be companion dogs. Nonetheless, this breed is the result of a cross between Toy Bulldogs which happens to be imported from England, likewise local ratters in Paris, France, in the 1800s. However, they are compact dogs with a friendly, mild-mannered temperament. Hypoallergenic: No Life span: 10 – 14 years Origin: France Other names: Bouledogue français Colors: White, Fawn, Brindle, Tan, Brindle & White Temperament: Playful, Affectionate, Easygoing, Sociable, Lively, Keen, Alert, Athletic, Bright, Patient In totality, a French Bulldog is about 11 to 12 inches tall. Males weigh 20 to 28 pounds, females 16 to 24 pounds.


We are MAPOFRENCHIE. A well renounced French bulldog pet breeding home with a lot of experience likewise knowledge regarding raising healthy French bulldog puppies. All our puppies are hand fed and medically fit and liable to live in any pet loving home conducive for their well being and also livelihood.


Basically, we deliver all our puppies using the best renounced delivery companies who will take proper care of your puppies and hence ensure they arrive your home in pure safety. Once your puppy or puppies arrive their new home likewise destination, the delivery agent will give you a call.


We raise our puppies in clean environments and work with the best breeders who train them well, Additionally, we have veterinarians who vaccinate our puppies weekly hence making sure they stay healthy. hence, ordering a puppy from us mean you will get a healthy puppy and well trained too.

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We have a well selected, constructive, top-flight French Bulldog breeding program. All of our dogs come from excellent pedigrees with champion bloodlines, sweet temperaments, likewise outstanding looks. We have the most playful and healthy french bulldog puppies. Basically, Mapofenchie works as a Team to make sure you get the best healthy French Bulldog puppies. Just so you know, all our puppues come with health guarantee and also all necessary documents. We deliver globally and directly to the addresses which our clients provide. However, before we deliver our puppies or puppy to you, you will need to sign our sales agreements which clearly outlines the fact that you will take care of the puppies or puppy you get from us and not maltreat them in anyways. Should you maltreat our puppies, then you will be sued and believe you will pay for pet abandonment. Hence, we protect our puppies and also make sure we give them only to pet loving home ready and willing to cater for them.






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One of the most important thing about business online on websites is making sure ordering is so easy for clients without any confusing form and links. Hence, you can order from us either by writing us on WhatsApp, emailing us or also placing an order on the website and filling the order form. Without any doubt, we want you all to know that as the client, you are the king and queens and have every right to ask as many questions as possible. In addition, you have the right to ask as many times as possible. Without you trust me our business will not be moving and booming. All our puppies come with vet papers, health guarantee and assurance backed by veterinarians, sales agreements and also accessories such as feeding manuals and tools, bathing accessories and also feeding tools. So what we guarantee here is that you will get a healthy puppy. Should a case occur where you get your puppy and get any health hazard, you can hence go to your vet who must be licensed. Once he provides us a report, we will pay for the medication. Nonetheless, the client or buyer also has the right to demand for a refund of which we will also hence gladly give without hesitation. Naturally, we give all our clients a duration of thirdly days to check their puppies or puppy. After thirty days, anything that happens with the puppy or puppies, we will not be responsible for what will happen to you.

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We do not want you to choose us just because you will like to give us a try. We want all of you out there to choose us because we are actually one of the most renounced breeders you can find in the USA if not why not global? We go by the name MAPOFRENCHIE and this because we have a lot of experience in providing you with the best healthy French bulldog puppies who are not only healthy but also home trained and very pet friendly and lovely. All our puppies come with health assurances and warranty likewise vaccination records, sales agreement and accessories. Basically, we are known for our experience and also massive knowledge in breeding the best French bulldogs. Our team has a lot of experience in raising puppies and trust me if you need a very loving and intelligent likewise sensitive French bulldog, then this is the right place for you. Our veterinarians make sure they vaccinate our puppies weekly thereby ensuring you get very healthy puppies. What is stopping you from ordering from us? Stop wondering about in full confusion. Just come to us now and get your French Bulldog puppies in days.



Never for once has any of our customer complained about our puppy or puppies being medically unfit. Additionally, we train our puppies to be very familiar with other domestic pets including dogs, cats, parrots and other bird breeds. In addition, are puppies are very playful and get along very well with old people likewise kids. They are very emotional, sensitive, friendly and playful

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We really love the French bulldogs and also only provide the best French Bulldogs for sale. We take great care in managing our bloodlines to make sure the breed stays healthy, vibrant likewise very strong. Nevertheless, we don’t simply sell puppies, we are a real family business that strives to develop the best bred bulldogs in the country. We are very excited to have recently developed the best strategies to enhance our pet health status by keeping them clean and medically fit. We offer our French Bulldog pups for sale, you can be assured that your new family member has had all his/her regular vaccinations (depending on the puppy’s age – C3/C4/C5), inclusively a Rabies vaccination, has been micrchipped and has been cleared for travel with the Veterinarian. We strongly encourage our prospective families to visit us before choosing their new Frenchie puppy. We can then send you updates and photos until your puppy is finally old enough to move to their new home. We also offer a puppy pack to help you get started with caring for your little furry bundle of joy.

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I was so excited when I got Cliff. He is so active and very sensitive. He will follow me to the bathroom, living room, kitchen basically everywhere. I love him so much he is just what you said he will be. I will refer you to anyone cuz you are the best. Thanks guys.

Mayson Allen

Male Frenchie

I will not lie at first I was skeptical on ordering a puppy from you guys. But when you told me to make a deposit of which I did and instantly asked for my information which I provided. You sent me the sales agreement and I signed I was shocked when you asked for my delivery address. I got my baby home. I call her Sherry she is the best trust me.


Male French Bulldog

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