Most frequent questions and answers

Basically, we have top veterinarians who vaccinate our puppies on a weekly bases ensuring they are healthy. All puppies are genetically tested to confirm their colouring likewise to rule out any genetic defects. This is a standard testing we have done to guarantee the quality of our pups. We also have the puppies checked over by the Vet.

All puppies definitely come genetically tested (as stated above), microchipped, registered and also fully vaccinated.

There are some conditions that all Bully breeds are prone to. We advise that you do your research into the breed to be aware of these conditions as some conditions are not able to be DNA tested.

We use renounced courier services who have a lot of experience in delivery pets and other domestic animals. They deliver your puppy or puppies right to the delivery address you provide safely.

Our puppies come with medical records, accessories, manuals and sales agreement.

It is very easy to order from us. Just go to our website, click on place an order or WhatsApp us directly likewise email us. The easiest way is to click on the place an order page. Fill in the form the submit and we will get back to you wit ha swift response.

Only to clients purchasing more than three puppies.