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I was so excited when I got Cliff. He is so active and very sensitive. He will follow me to the bathroom, living room, kitchen basically everywhere. I love him so much he is just what you said he will be. I will refer you to anyone cuz you are the best. Thanks guys.

Mayson Allen

Male Frenchie

I will not lie at first I was skeptical on ordering a puppy from you guys. But when you told me to make a deposit of which I did and instantly asked for my information which I provided. You sent me the sales agreement and I signed I was shocked when you asked for my delivery address. I got my baby home. I call her Sherry she is the best trust me.


Male French Bulldog

He is eating and beginning to explore the "new land". I cannot get enough of him!! So far his personality and mine are so so compatible. I feel so lucky to have found him, thank you SO MUCH for raising such a little love muffin. I took him for a little ride today to the local Petco. Kept him in my arms and new dog carrier. He did get car sick again on the way back. Poor little Mochi. He seems to be doing well otherwise. I will tell you that I snuck up on him late last night and he was snuggled with his toy that has his "home scent". Awwwe, it almost broke my heart! I have been trying to take him everywhere with me to get him used to strangers. He is such a doll! Seriously. I took him to the office with me on Monday and he was so friendly my colleagues love him. thanks.
Amanda Blink
Male Frenchie
Sorry it’s been long since wrote! Frida is doing GREAT! We took her to the vet on Monday for his final set of shots and she passed with flying colors! She weighs 3 lbs, 14 oz and the vet always compliments him on her bite and her temperament likewise what a great dog she is! Even her assistants say she is not a normal French bully barking a lot! We are so proud of her. She is adjusting very well, going on lots of walks and playing with her friends, Max (the cat), who is not really sure if they are friends or not. Depends on the day!. She is so friendly, sensitive, emotional and very active. he basically follows me to any location and will not hesitate to bark at anyone who yells at me. I feel complete with her as she gives me real love.

Arrah Bryson


Cref Mayne


Spacey Mark


Clint G